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Retractable Grilles Trackless and Mobile

Retractable Grilles Trackless and Mobile

Highly effective mobile security grilles, Double Diamond security grilles & pedestrian barriers

The Saftidor is a very cost-effective powder-coated steel retractable security grille system, ideal for NZ businesses This scissor-gate security grille is suitable for all opening widths and for heights up to 2.5 metres, and is available in a white or black powder coat, with a superior quality finish. When not in use the Saftidor security grille can swing out of the way to provide clear doorway access, ideal for shopfronts, entrance doorways, and counter-top barriers in restaurants and bars.

The Xpanda Saftidoor trolley system is an affordable steel retractable security grille that can be assembled and delivered within 24 hours. The Saftidoor is modular and suitable for all openings, and by adding a trolley system, the Saftidoor becomes a versatile, mobile, quick to set up and move security or pedestrian barrier in malls, restaurants, coffee shops, construction sites and areas where no other means of security can be provided.

The Double Diamond security grilles is an extremely strong retractable grille making it very difficult to penetrate. The Double Diamond security grille’s small gap design is ideal for use in the protection of emergency exit doors. The Xpanda Rollerguard pedestrian barrier is a cost-effective barrier used to cordon off areas where public access needs to be restricted for either security, or health and safety reasons. Made of durable aluminium square tubing constructed in a concertina configuration, the Rollerguard is easy to use and move around.

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